The Lion

This morning I had a very prophetic dream. I can barely remember any of the actual details of the dream, except that there was a lion with it’s mouth open and I heard these words, “The lion’s mouth is never shut“. When I woke up, […]

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The Nightmares Continue

About a week ago I had a dream that I was walking out on a pier with my two oldest sons. I told my oldest son as I was walking away, to keep a really close eye on his younger brother. I looked back over […]

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The Spirit of a Quitter

About a year or so ago I was at church when our pastor and assistant pastor were laying hands on people and praying and prophesying over them. When it came my turn, the assistant pastor put his hands on my forehead and prayed a great […]

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A Dream With A Warning

Last night I had a lot of dreams, but one dream really stood out to me. I woke up and immediately began contemplating the meaning because it seemed so bizarre. Here is the dream: I was living on a farm (but not the one I […]

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We have been blessed to receive four prophesies from a man who visits our church about twice a year. His name is Ed Traut and he is with Prophetic Life. To learn more about his ministry, you can just click HERE. He has spoken some […]

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