9th Grade Curriculum

As promised, here are the things we will be using this upcoming school year for our ninth grade son: BIBLEMost important to our family is Bible study. Last year we really enjoyed Wise Up, Wisdom in Proverbs by Positive Action Bible Curriculum. This curriculum goes deeper […]

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Blimey Cow

I’ve seen these kids before but forgot all about them. While searching for homeschool curriculum for next year, I stumbled upon them again. They are hilarious, former homeschoolers who produce a new video each Monday. Most of their videos give practical advice, but deliver the […]

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Stinky Face ~ My Little Dare Angel

// This is my Stinky Face’s newest trick. Normally I would’ve freaked out and told him to not do that anymore, but he is wearing a helmet and he is a boy. I’m trying really hard to let him grow up a little bit and […]

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JOHN 1:1

 // They are never too young to start learning God’s Word. This is my son who just turned 4 years old. This is the first Bible verse I’ve taught him. It took less than a week for him to have it completely memorized. 

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I get to sing this song at church tomorrow night and I know I’ll get emotional because Jesus has delivered me from so many things that would taunt me. So many fears, many of them irrational, had a grip on my life and took away […]

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Day 3 to a Healthier Me

I’m not missing my chocolate milk as much as I expected, but I really want some pop…and my refrigerator is loaded with it. My head is feeling better today. It’s not completely back to normal, but I am trusting God to get me there. I […]

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