God has done a tremendous work in my life. He’s always been so good to me, but lately His grace and goodness have been completely overwhelming. The biggest thing that has happened, is that fear has completely lost its grip on my life. This is […]

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Praise is a Privilege

Yesterday we just got back from our vacation to Hilton Head. Sandy beaches, new places to explore, good food and entertainment. Sounds great, right? Well, it really wasn’t. It was so bad, that we came back a day early. Our children behaved like monsters and […]

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Tonight I finished reading “make me a Legend: For The Dream of a Better Tomorrow” by Chuck Balsamo. Yay! I finished an entire book! That’s a huge accomplishment for a mother of 4 who finds it hard to focus on anything longer than a few […]

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Me on my special day (wearing clothesbought with my birthday money)! Today is a special day to me. It’s my birthday. I’ve not always considered this a special day. Once I even threatened my husband that if he did anything for me for my birthday, […]

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Life Without Fear

  Once again I’m exploring what life would be like if I exchanged my fears for faith. How would I feel, and how could it change my life? Why does fear have so much control over my life? I’m not talking about rational fears, like […]

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